Our His Kids’ vision is to:  effectively reach the children of our community for God by showing “His Kids” God’s love and plan for their lives; bring the Bible to life and make it relevant to each child; and empower “His Kids” through opportunities to begin serving in ministry enabling them to become fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ.
Our His Kids’ have service every Sunday at 10AM in their His Kids sanctuary.  His Kids will check-in at the check-in station in the foyer.  They will be given a wristband that matches the parent who checked them in.  Drop off is at the His Kids sanctuary door in the foyer.  If you have any questions or need guidance, please talk to an usher or our His Kids Director, Sarah Stout.
Why do we invest in children?

*Because Jesus loves children.

*Because children need God more than ever in their lives today, as well as, in the future.

*Because children are the most receptive to God’s plan for their lives. Reaching them later will be more difficult.  It is estimated that 70% of Christians accepted Christ as a child.

*Because we have the opportunity to impact this generation of kids.